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Decided to try the bike today since I want to start biking to work, so it will be better to work those different muscles. Did 40 mins on level 2 for 240 cals. So a lower level but the same reults calorie wise, and it was easier to keep my heartrate down. Made my knees ache a bit though.

ETA: This weekend also included a lot of other physical activities including walking around the farmers market, walking around town, ddr, and a short bike ride. I hope to do lots more stuff like that throughout the summer.

Wednesday morn

Took things easier today and had a much better workout. Still feels like I'm not doing enough, but that should improve with time.
Elliptical, 42 minutes, level 4, 245 calories.

I'm back baby!

Okay, while I never left, I was sidelined.

I took two weeks off at the gym and one week off from volleyball. Came back last week and played two out of three games. (We ended up beating our sister team 2-1 and are tied for first place.)

So I decided to head back to the gym today, partly because I'm laid off this week and partly because I was going buggy NOT going to the gym.

Anyhoo, I took it easy and only went at resistance 8 today.

721 calories 3.72 Miles.

It felt good, leg feels good too. . .

Before the injury to my achilles

3 May 1,130 calories 5.62 Miles

4 May 617 calories 3.07 Miles

7 May 1,110 calories 5.53 Miles

11 May 590 calories 2.95 Miles
Last week I did MWF at the gym, and again this morning - 40 minutes on the elliptical, slow pace (keeping my heart rate in the weight training zone), burning about 200-250 calories each day. Today I formulated a plan to continue this slow pace through the end of May, and then in June attempt increasing my speed and heart rate.

more time and distance

1,225 calories 7.36 miles

775 calories 4.06 miles

737 calories 3.77 miles

703 calories 3.02 miles

Again, where is the weather of spring?

30 Smarch 1,125 calories 5.68 miles

31 Smarch 785 clories 3.96 miles

1 April 1,125 calories 5.67 miles

2 April 860 calories 5.21 miles

4 April 855 calores 5.08 miles

Where's that nice weather

We had two days of 70 degree weather and now we're expecting up to 7 inches of snow. Cripes, you gotta love weather in Wisconsin.

Anyhoo. . .

19 Smarch 732 calories 3.75 miles

22 Smarch 1,113 calories 5.63 miles

23 Smarch 763 calories 3.88 miles

26 Smarch 1,115 calories 5.62 miles

28 Smarch 762 calories 3.92 miles

Manic Monday

Up at 5:30am today. Spent about 15 minutes stretching and 15 minutes doing Pilates. Burned pretty minimal calories, but definitely worked my core and leg muscles pretty hard.

Tomorrow I'm aiming for another 5:30 wakeup, followed by stretching and then maybe some cardio on the wii fit.

Need to take things real sloooooooooow while I work on getting back into shape. I went for a 30 minute fast-paced walk last week when the weather was so nice, and spent three days fighting a nasty headache as a result. Yes - I got a headache from taking a walk. Such is life with fibro, apparently. I'm guessing that the uneven terrain of the roads in the business park are the cause, so from now on when I take lunch-break walks they'll have to be leisurely ones - working up a sweat will be reserved for the treadmill.

Lousy Smarch Weather

Smarch 2 - 721 calories – 3.77 miles

Smarch 4 - 1,130 calories – 5.70 miles

Smarch 5 - 1,100 calories – 5.60 miles

Smarch 6 - 1,120 calories – 5.65 miles

Smarch 8 - 1,085 calories – 5.56 miles

Smarch 9 - 600 calories – 3.03 miles

Smarch 10 - 745 calories – 3.81 miles

Smarch 12 - 1,090 calories – 5.55 miles

Smarch 15 - 770 calories – 3.90 miles

Is anybody else working out?